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Interested in learning Chinese?  But feel learning Chinese is difficult? Try to spent 5 minutes a day to learn a few basic Chinese daily dialog first! 16 free audio lessons pinyin and explanation.

Those dialogs are especially useful for people who just want to learn some Chinese quickly before they visiting China.

Lesson 01 -  Chinese For What's your name?
Learn Chinese, free online audio courses
How Chinese people ask the name when they first meet.

16 Chinese Lessons

Those dialogues include audio, pinyin and explanation. The topics are "Asking for direction", "Talking about weather", "Introduction", "Greeting", "Visiting", "Shopping", "Time", "Date", "Asking for help".  Of course, this is just a beginning of learning Chinese,  It's always not easy to learn a new language, learn Chinse is same, you will need put a lot time on it, but once you master it, you will find you can talk to 1/4 people in the world free!

Chinese Teachers

ChineseTime school is the leading online Chinese language school, if you need, you can find a professional live Chinese tutor to help you there.